Warranty & Disclaimers

Limited Liability Warranty -
All products purchased through or from Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage are covered with a limited liability warranty against material or workmanship defects. This warranty covers the product up to the purchase price only. By purchasing an item from Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage, the customer acknowledges and accepts that Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage can not and will not be held liable for labor charges and/or any other damages or expenses incurred from the use of, installation of, and/or failure of any part, and that the liability of Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage shall not exceed the original purchase price of the item(s). This warranty is good for the original purchaser only and will not transfer when ownership of the vehicle or part changes. This warranty will cover the replacement of the item only. Refunds will not be issued on defective items. Warranty is limited to one replacement. We reserve the right to void a warranty if neglect, abuse, or improper installation is is evident or caused the product failure. By making a purchase from Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions set forth on this site. If, while using any of the products, services, or advice provided by Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage, its employees, owners, investors, or agents you should exceed the limits of traction, mechanical strength, and/or good judgment while operating your vehicle, you will have done so through your own conscious decision and actions. We take no responsibility for your actions - and the subsequent consequences.

Indemnification Agreement -
By purchasing an Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage product, I, my family, my agents, my successors, and assigns, agree to indemnify and hold Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage, its employees, owners, members, investors, and agents, harmless from all loss, liability, or damage resulting from claims brought by reasons of alleged failure, negligence, ignorance, stupidity, act of God, act of War, or defect of
any services, products, or advice provided by Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage. By installing this product I understand, agree, and accept all of the above without any reservations.

eBay Purchases -
This warranty against material or workmanship defects is valid for items purchased on or through acadianasportscars.com only. Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage does offer promotional, overstocked, discontinued, and sale items on eBay, however items sold through eBay will have a 90-day warranty. All other terms as stated will apply to purchases from Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage
made through eBay.

CARB Certification/Emissions Certification -
None of the parts sold through the Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage have, in any form or fashion, been tested for compliance with local, state, or federal laws (including EPA or CARB) concerning emissions control, safety testing, or other government-enacted testing standards. Because of this, we provide these parts for OFF ROAD USE only. We are not responsible for any fines, levies, or other consequences that may arise from the improper use of any product sold by Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage in public roads, streets, or thoroughfares. 

Errors and Omissions -
We are not responsible for any errors or omissions on this website, nor are we responsible for resultant damages caused either directly or indirectly from the same.

Back Orders -
Should the situation arise, where an item is backordered, you will be notified immediately. You will be given the option to cancel the item from the order, or wait for it to arrive in stock and it will be shipped immediately.

Availability Disclaimer -
Availability of certain items shown on this website are limited and may not always be available for immediate delivery.